Technology. Production. Renewables. Consulting.

Profound and broad competence

Leading and cross-linking

Cross-linking and application of different fields of knowledge is our strength. We can identify essential scientific and technical information, take it into account in the design of practical products, and provide technical and organizational support for product development. The basis for this lies in our many years of work both in leading positions in institutional R&D and in start-up companies as well as in international projects for product and process development.


We know photovoltaics down to the last detail, with more than 20 years of professional work in research, development and application across the entire chain from silicon to rooftop systems.

Our particular focus is on all silicon wafer manufacturing processes, but solar cell and module manufacturing technologies are also part of our core competencies.

In doing so, we pay attention to a holistic approach that covers technology, manufacturing and economic efficiency in equal measure.

Materials and processes

We merge high-performance materials and demanding applications.

Silicon, technical ceramics, fused silica and graphite are our preferred materials for designing high-performance process environments.

We have been developing applications combining corrosive media, temperatures up to 1500°C and semiconductor quality for many years with a focus on silicon.

Our projects include processes such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD) for silicon and silicon carbide, silicon epitaxy or silicon crystallization.

Innovative equipment

To successfully implement innovative processes, you need equally innovative equipment.

Our development competence ranges from table-sized laboratory tools, e.g. for melting and crystallizing silicon, to 20m long reactors for high-temperature inline silicon epitaxy.

Here, too, we have a holistic approach that focuses not only on the process plant, but on everything that goes with it, e.g.:
- high purity gas supply
- exhaust gas treatment
- clean room zones
- safety aspects (infrastructure, HAZOP, FMEA).

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