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Our services - as diverse as your tasks

Interim Leadership

Development and implementation projects, project management

Leading for time

Finding a new leader who is a perfect fit for the team and the task at hand is often a tricky and lengthy process. A team without leadership quickly loses performance and efficiency.

We provide short-term leadership resources as:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer

and other leadership roles in teams up to 50 people, both in startups and established companies.

Project collaboration / project management

Project management is the fine art of keeping project, time and cost targets under control in an increasingly difficult environment. The right team is crucial to prevent mistakes from creeping in as early as the planning stage.

We support you in staffing, managing and implementing your technology projects. Our range:

  • Project management and control
  • Basic evaluation / preliminary planning
  • Processes: Analysis, visualization, BOM, TUM, costs
  • Business plan calculations


Actually you should develop a new product, but you lack the time? Your development team is tied up in other projects? Your are facing unexpected technological hurdles?

We support you in all phases of your product development by:

  • Coaching and hands-on support of your team
  • Failure and plausibility analyses
  • Creation of development and implementation plans
  • Identification of suppliers and partners

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